What is archive In Gmail?

Archiving message is doesn’t mean of deleting message, instead it is simply termed as the moving of messages from the Inbox to another folder. You can view the message whenever you needed. Optionally this is a good service which literarily helps the users inbox clutter free.

Advantage of Archiving a Message

• Make the Gmail Inbox clutter free
• Archived messages present in your account till the account expiry date. You can also retrieve
the message to the Primary folder whenever you want to retrieve it back. However this backup option is not practicable when you delete that message. The deleted message will automatically vanish from the trash folder after thirty days. To clarify the doubts contact the Gmail technical support if you are a premium member

How to activate the Archive in Gmail?

1. Go to the Home page of Gmail by clicking (mail.google.com)
2. Now open any message in your Gmail Inbox. You can find a pop-up tab appeared at the top of that mail homepage
3. Now click on the archived icon that displayed at the bottom of the page. That’s all the procedure. If you successfully completed archiving of Gmail messaging task you will now receive a pop-up saying “The conversation has been archived. Learn more Undo”. As the name implies click on the hyperlink “learn more” to know about what the Gmail archiving is? Or click on “Undo” if you want to deactivate the Gmail archiving

activate the Archive in Gmail?

How to archive all message at once
1. Access to the Gmail mail firstly
2. Now click on the group of message that you want to archive, click on the archive link. Now the selected message will moved to the archived folder.
3. You can also select the needed messages by searching the search box that displayed at the top of the Gmail mail. Select the messages using check box tool bar and move the needed message to the archived folder

activate the Archive in Gmail?

Additional Info: If you are selecting group messages from your Gmail primary folder to the archived folder, then you can find a similar sentence like this at the top of the page “All 20 conversations on this page are selected. Select all conversations that match this search."Use this option to select the entire message to archived folder. If you don’t want to wish all the message to the primary folder just uncheck the message that you don’t want to move to archive older

activate the Archive in Gmail?

4. Now click on the archive Button

activate the Archive in Gmail?

How to find the archived message In Gmail

The archived messages will be appear in your “All Mail” View. To find the “All mail “tab, find the more drop down icon that placed at the left hand side of your mail. There you can find the ‘All Mail’ tab at the top right hand side of the mail. There you can find the messages in your all Gmail Folders. Also when someone responds to your archived message, the same emails will again pop-up in the source folder. For more info contact the Gmail customer care support.

The easiest way to find the Gmail archived messages

You can also easily find out the archived messages with the help of search box. This is the easiest way to find the archived message. Search with the relevant keyword in the search box, you will get relevant search results based on your search.

activate the Archive in Gmail?

How to Move the archived Gmail messages back to the Inbox?

1. From the “All Mail” folder click on the message that you want to move from the archive folder to the primary folder
2. Open that message
3. Now click on the “Move to Inbox” option linked over there. This is the way that you can change the Gmail message from the archived folder to primary.

How to set the archive option automatically?

By the activation of Filters: Create the filter option that labeled under account settings, which will help to automatically achieve the certain kind of message that you want to move to the archive folder
Send and Archive – You can use the send and archive option in the message which helps to save the time.

How to activate the Send and Archive option in the Gmail?

1) Open the Gmail account
2) Now click the Gear Icon that displayed at the top right hand side
3) Select the settings from the drop down menu
4) Now Find the option General that displayed at the left hand side in that settings page
5) Select the option Send and archive
6) Now click on save changes tab
(Note: After enabling the setting, your Gmail inbox will display two options after the receiving of each message, i.e. Send & Archive / send)

activate the Archive in Gmail?

• Here Click the send and archive to send the reply instantly and achieve the message in single step
• Click the send to send your reply, and leave the message back to your primary inbox