Basics of Gmail Phone Call

Gmail offers multiple benefits to its users to explore worldwide services. Besides providing voice and video chat facility, Gmail is also offering the facility of connecting with friends and family via phone call through mobile and landline number.

To enjoy the benefit of these features it is required to be logged in to Gmail chat. Plug-in of voice and video chat must also be installed in your device.

To call a specific person or contact, all you need to do is to press Call phone icon which is located above Chat list. Clicking on call phone icon will open a Call window.

Besides dialing a number via call window, you can also use this Call window for adding credits and checking call history.

To add credits: If you wish to add some credit for making phone calls via Gmail, you can follow given procedure:

1. Click the option Call phone under chat list.

2. Click on credit balance option on extreme right side of the Call window.

3. Now click on add credit option.

4. Under the window that appears, click on Add $10 credit option to add credit.

5. Now you can add credit through Google Wallet.

To check call history: Gmail users can also check call history of inbound and outbound calls along with receiving the voicemails.

Check your Gmail call history by following given steps:

1. Click on Phone icon under Chat List.

2. Above dial pad icon there is clock icon, simply click on that.

You can click on contacts phone number under history tab to redial any of the numbers present in history. It will directly connect you with the person you have called.

Moreover, one can also see complete Gmail Voice call history choosing History option under call window where you can click on account balance to get the details.

One cannot find history of Voice and video calls done by computer to computer in Gmail.

Those users, who do not wish to use phone call facility of Gmail, can disable ‘call phone’ option for their convenience.

To disable ‘Call phone’: It is very easy to disable Call phone option in chat list of Gmail. You can follow given steps to disable ‘call phone’ feature:

1. Simply click gear icon at Gmail’s upper right corner and then you can click on Mail settings.

2. Under mail setting click on Chat tab.

3. Now click Disable outbound voice calling under the section of Call Phone.

4. Now you can save the settings by clicking on Save Changes.

Following given setting will disable only Gmail’s outbound calling. Those who have allowed forwarding calls in Google voice Chat, they will have to disable those settings independently.