Basics of sign out in Gmail app for an android device

The below given information is useful for those people who are using Android 4.0 and up device to access their Gmail account.

For android device, you can’t sign out of Gmail app without removing or deleting your entire account from your mobile or tablet. But you can accomplish various similar tasks by other procedures, depending on what you require.

What is the procedure to check my mail from other account?

In case you desired to view mail from some other account or one of your friends want to open their email account on your android phone but you don’t want to sign out from current account then you’ve the option to add another account on your mobile or tablet.

Remember one thing- once you add an email account to your device, you can directly switch among the accounts without typing the account password again. If any of your friends adds an account to your mobile phone in order to check their emails, be sure to delete the account after that.

Or you can also make the use of web browser on your device to go to and view your email from there.

Process of getting notification only for messages in specific categories or labels

1. Go to Gmail app and touch the Gmail icon i.e. .
2. Now select an account.
3. Verify whether the Notifications are checked or not.
4. Simply touch on manage labels.
5. Select one of your labels.
6. Now touch on Sync messages and select either perform Sync for last 30 days or Sync all.
7. Verify Label notifications and choose the way you want to get notified about incoming messages with this label.

8. Come back to the previous page and repeat the same process for the rest of the inbox labels.
You are also allowed to check ringtone for other labels.

Can you describe me the finest way to defend my email account?

The chances for misplace and losing a mobile device are always there. If you are bothered about misplacing your mobile or having someone check your mail, you can make password protect your phone device. Most of the android devices have similar steps to set a screen lock. If you want to set a screen lock on your android device, but facing some difficulties in it, you may call for protect Gmail account at Gmail help center for quick assistance. The experts are always ready to serve you with their prominent services.

Note: In case you ever lose or misplace your device, you can easily remove access to all Google services such as Gmail, YouTube, Maps, hangouts, etc. on that mobile. If you later get back your mobile, you’ll simply need to login with your username and passwords before you can use Google Applications on it.

How can I reserve data, battery life and storage:

In order to save power on your mobile, you don’t have any need to sign out of Gmail. To preserve data usage, storage of device, or to enhance battery life, you just need to adjust your sync settings.

Select which labels to sync:

1. Open the Gmail app on your device.
2. Go to Gmail icon. Sign for its icon is
3. Choose settings
4. Select an account.
5. Go to manage labels.
6. Touch “label”.
7. Go to “sync messages”.
8. Select “sync”: “none”, “sync: last 30 days” or “sync: all”. Select “how many days of mail to sync”

Choose how many days of mail to sync

1. Open the Gmail app on your device.
2. Go to Gmail icon. Sign for its icon is
3. Choose settings
4. Select an account.
5. Go to “days of mail to sync”.
6. Choose the number of days
7. Touch on “ok”

How to Switch off Gmail sync:

If you switch off Gmail syncing on your device, new messages will stop syncing automatically.

1. Open the Gmail app on your device.
2. Go to Gmail icon. Sign for its icon is
3. Choose settings
4. Select an account.
5. Just uncheck the box next to “Sync Gmail”.
Go to the refresh icon (Sign for refresh icon ) while checking your inbox to sync email messages manually.

How to remove downloaded messages:

1. First of all open the settings app for your mobile device.
2. Go to “apps”, and then “Gmail”
3. Go to “clear data”

These above steps will clear the data on your Gmail app. The email accounts that have Gmail sync turned on will start syncing messages immediately. Gmail accounts with Gmail sync switched off will not sync messages automatically.

Access Gmail on your phone web browser

You can also use Gmail by going to on your mobile device web browser. In case not any of these situations implement to you, you can also remove your email account from the entire phone or tablet device.

How can I remove an account from my device:

Once you remove an email account from your device, it automatically removes the account from entire mobile. Thus you won’t be login to any Google services like maps, hangouts, YouTube etc.

Point to remember: In case you want to remove the original account that you’d configure with your device, you may be require to fully reorganized your mobile to its factory settings. This process might include data loss, so before take this step, do a complete Google research to know about the consequences of it on your device.

Learn “how to remove an account from android device”:
1. First of all open the settings app for your mobile device.
2. Look for the section for “accounts”
3. Now touch “remove the account”. If your mobile phone shows a “three dot sign” at upper
right of your device, you can get the “remove account “option there.