How to view Gmail phone call history

Basics of computer to computer voice and video chat

At times messages does not convey the right emotion and feel that an actual conversation can. Gmail offers the facility of actually watching and hearing your friend face and voice and have real time conversation. You can use voice and video chat feature of Gmail’s Google Chat properties that is through Hangout, Gmail and Google+. Isn’t it the real fun? Yes actually it is. Using these Gmail feature you can feel the pre4sent of person you are talking to in actuality.

How to do computer to computer voice and video chat?

1. You need to download Hangouts plugin then install plug-in after quitting all active browser windows.

2. Login to Google+ or Gmail or Chrome OS device.

You would be able to see a camera symbol next to the name of person you wish to chat with. If no camera is visible beside his/her name under Gmail chat list, he / she can be invited to download hangout plugin from More menu under chat window. One can have 1 way video chat or voice chat, even if other person doesn't have video camera.