Basics of Hangout

Hangout is Google service that allows its user to send text messages and do video calls to one or several people at a time. It can be used on multiple devices to connect with distant people to share your pictures, messages and location with other people. For any issue get Gmail Help by experts available on Gmail support number.

The most vital benefit of using Hangout is that it keeps you connected with friends, family and colleagues even when you are out of your place. You can connect through Hangout on-the-go on your android device or iOS via the Chrome extension, Gmail and Google+. For any kind of issue in Hangout connect with Gmail technical support.

Benefits of Hangouts

Operate on multiple devices: Google provides auto synchronization facility wherein Hangouts conversations can be easily synced with multiple devices that will allow you to continue your ongoing conversation on your system on other android and Smartphone device.

Allow free video calls: Hangout allows its user to communicate face-to-face with max 9 people in a single hangout through video calling feature of Hangout. One can easily invite friends in their circle in Hangout.

Send messages on Hangouts:Hangout with one or more people on by sending messages on Hangout. Text messages can also be send through your own mobile number and Hangouts.

Calls over phone: One can also make phone calls nationally as well as internationally. U.S. and Canada call are free right now. Low rate Calls can be made outside U.S. but this facility is not provided to all the destination.

How to use Hangout?

You are required to have a Google account to use Hangout.

Hangout on PC003A

1. In Gmail you are required to turn on Hangouts.
2. In Google+ Hangouts is enabled by default.
3. Google Chrome browser extension: One can download Hangouts Chrome extension to use hangouts on Google chrome. One must have Chrome OS or Chrome browser to use it. Hangout does not support Windows 8 Metro Mode.

Hangout on mobile

1. To use Hangout on Android devices one can download Hangouts app. Person is required to install Hangouts Dialer to make phone calls to enjoy the benefit of calling in Hangouts

2. To use Hangout on iOS devices one can download Hangouts app.

Google+ and Hangouts:

You must have Google+ account to enjoy more superior Hangout features such as using Hangouts for sharing Google+ photos and connecting with Google+ circles.