Browsers Supported by Google Chat

Gmail can be easily accessed via Internet on any of the web browsers such as Safari, Microsoft, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on your system. If you wish to access Gmail by your mobile device then your web browser on your mobile device should fulfill some minimum requirements.

Use of supported web browser is must to enjoy updated Gmail features:

Google chat is supported by present as well as earlier versions of Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer continuously. As soon as new version of any of these browsers is released, Google initialize supporting newer version and older versions are not supported further. To know more connect with technical support service of Gmail.
If you use a browser other than those listed below, one will be directed automatically to Gmail’s basic HTML view. If you use a browser other than those listed below

Exceptions of browser:

• Desktop notifications are not supported by Internet Explorer.
• Gmail Offline service is not available for all web browsers and can be utilized only in Google Chrome.
Note: some user come across a situation when they found an error that browser is unsupported even after using supported web browser. This can be due to the interference by an extension in detecting browser. You can disable that browser extension to sort out the issue. For more information, contact Gmail customer support team on their Google helpline number.

It is important to enable JavaScript and cookies to use Gmail Chat

Keep your cookies enabled for using Gmail for chat despite the fact which browser you are using. Even though your web browser is supported by Gmail chat still you must keep JavaScript enabled. You can find out the way to enable JavaScript and cookies on your web browser by searching on Google. Connect with us on our Gmail technical support number.