How to do computer-to-computer voice or video call?

You can start a voice and video chat after following the steps given:

• You need to download voice and video call plug-in then install plug-in after quitting all active browser windows.

• Login to Google+ or Gmail or Chrome OS device.

Gmail Voice Calls

Select your Gmail contact from Chat list and if he/ she would have a camera icon besides his/her name , you can make voice call to him/her. For that you only need to choose your Gmail contact from chat list and need to click phone icon under Chat window.

Google Hangouts & 1:1 video chat

Hangout can be started directly through chat window while using chat service in Google +, Gmail or Chrome OS.

In case of not having Google+ account person can have access to limited service of Hangout wherein you can chat with only single person under limited hangout service. For hang out with more than 1 person and for accessing complete Hangouts’ features you need to upgrade to free Google+ account that will allow you to hang out with approx. 9 people at time, can share screen, use different Hangouts’ apps. Account can be upgraded at

You can hang out with 1 to 9 contacts via video call through Google+ Hangouts. You can do multiway video call with multiple people at a time. In Google +, Gmail or Chrome OS, you can start hangout in the given way:

1. Choose Gmail contact from chat list with whom you wish to talk with.

2. On the top of Chat window you need to click Hangouts icon.

3. Once you will click on hangout icon your friend will get Hangouts invite under his/her Chat window. If your friend will accept your invite, both of you can hang out with one another and also can add around 8 people to hang out with you.

Your hangout post would be visible on your stream and will be shared only with the contacts who were there in hangout invitation.

You can also hangout via Gmail besides hanging out directly from Chat window. Follow the given steps:

1. You need to hover mouse cursor over Gmail contact name under chat list and then you can choose Hangouts icon under visible profile card.

2. Now on top of chat list click Hangouts button.