Contacts quota in Gmail

Usually you have to face problems when the level of contact quota is increases and you will continuously receive an error message that “your quota has been exceeded” while adding new contact in your contacts list. Here below we discuss some Gmail quota restrictions

1. You can have 25,000 maximum numbers of contacts in your Gmail Account.
2. You have 20 MB total storage limit for all your contacts. Excluding contact photos
3. Each contact entry limit can be up to 128 KB.
4. Gmail offers up to 500 fields for each contact entry
5. In Gmail you can have up to 1,024 characters for each field (except for the "Notes" field).

If you would try to add contacts beyond this limit, you will certainly have to face an error message.

The common reason behind the exceeding limit of your contacts details is that might be your contact list is having duplicate entries. So it is preferable to merge those duplicate entries in order to make space for new additions. You can also generate back up for the existing contacts by exporting to CSV format.