Create a new contact

Creating a contact in Gmail is quite easier task. If you are new user, you might have to go through a few difficulties while doing this process.

Gmail customer support services.

To get started with creating new Gmail contacts follow these steps

Crete a new contact:

1. Start making new contacts by clicking on “contacts” link located on top left corner of Gmail page. Click on the button “New Contact” appears in the upper left hand corner.

2. Enter contact’s details in the required fields. Here you can enter email address, phone, address, web site, URL address and add note if you want to add.

Automatically added email address

In each time when you use the functions like reply, forward or reply to all to send mail to other addresses that don’t really exist in your contacts list will automatically added to your contact list. In case you use Google+, adding email address to your circle will also add them to your Gmail contacts list. If these contacts don’t seem immediately, look for them in the “other contacts” group on the top left side or signing out your account and again signing back in for their view If you don’t want contacts to be added spontaneously, use below steps:

• Click on settings button top right (sign of settings)

• In the General Tab, search the “create contacts for auto complete” option an select I’ll add contacts myself”