Creating Groups in Gmail

Gmail provides you with the option of organizing groups so you can easily well organize your contacts existing there in the email, making it convenient to send email a specific set of people. It will save your time choosing person address without missing out anyone. Here below learn how to create contacts Group with ease.

How to create a contact group in your Gmail:

1. Open the “contacts” link situated on the left side of Gmail page.
2. Click the “groups” button appears in between the “add my contact “and “email” button after selecting the contacts that you want to add to a group.

3. Type the name of group
4. Then click OK.

Steps to add addresses to your current contact group:

1. Choose the contacts in your contacts list
2. Click on the “groups” button
3. Choose the group where you want to add the contact, or select “create new” in order to create a new group.
4. If you have number of addresses saved for contact, you can select which address should linked to the contact group by opening that contact and click on the small arrow next to the group you’d want to change.