Contacts editing in Gmail:

To get started with editing in Gmail contacts first you will need to login Gmail and open contacts list.

In order to open contacts list first click on Gmail appears at the upper left corner of Gmail page and then select Contacts from drop down menu.

How to edit contact information in Gmail

1. Click the contact name you want to edit in contacts list
2. Make the changes in any required field you’d like to make
3. Click on “save now” at upper right hand corner to keep the editing you made.

Addition of contactsto contact groups:

1. Choose the contacts in your contacts list
2. Click on the “groups” button
3. Choose the group where you want to add the contact, or select “create new” in order to create a new group.

Contacts removal from contact group:

1. Choose the contact from the contacts list.
2. Click on the “Groups” button.
3. Discard the checkbox of any groups you’d want to remove these contacts from.

Delete Gmail Contact

1. Click the contact name you need to delete
2. Click “more” and select delete contact.
If you want to remove any contact from Google+, open Google+ account and remove the contact from every circle.