Qus: Is there any cost associated with Google Apps?

Ans: Yes, Google has been start charging fee for its apps since June 12, 2012. At present the fee to use Google Apps is $5.00 per month or for a complete year $50.00 for per email account. The installation service charges and other trouble shooting services offered through GmailServiceHelp.com are completely free of cost. We set up your domain name and can also resolve your issues related with Google apps like email configuration, installation, etc. Apart from this if any sort of technical glitches are arises in your Google app then you can contact us at our toll free technical support helpline number, our experts assist you with prominent services. All the services offered by us are quick, appropriate and free of cost.

Qus: Will I be allowed the access to delete or create account when after you’ve completed with the Google Apps configuration?

Ans: Of course you will have. When we’re completed the set up task, you will have ability to control panel or Google Dashboard letting you to do any changes to your email accounts. All the things are completely in your control.

Qus: Do you provide 24*7 customer service?

Ans: Yes we do. You can access our services any time, at different time zones, whenever you required.

Qus: Presently I’m accessing web hosting provider’s mail servers for my emails. What will the possibility to occur all my present email accounts?

Ans: Before starting set up of your Domain name you will need to verify that you have a complete list of all your existing email accounts and the passwords assigned for those email addresses. Once we have set your domain name to Google’s email servers, you will be illustrated how to recreate your current email addresses on Google’s mail servers. To make sure you have the minimum amount of down-time, you will need to ensure you have all your previous emails off of your recent email server. If you are unable to do so, then don’t worry, we’ll provide you remote assistance for this.

Qus. What is the size of each Google Apps email account?

Ans: Each email account that you’ve created possess 30 gigabytes size. They’re

Qus: Does Google Apps provide a Catch all system letting me to seize all email sent to my domain name?

Ans: Yes Google Apps offer a catch all system and many more services.

Qus: While using Google Apps can I still access my outlook account or a similar email service?

Ans: Yes, you can do. But during the use of Google Apps you will not feel any need to use any other email client as Google Web based email service gives you best emailing experience.

Qus: Can I send large size email attachment with Google Apps?

Ans: Yes you can. Actually attachments having size up to 25 MB can be sent with Google apps.

Qus: Does Google apps are compatible with my Blackberry, iPhone, or Android device?

Ans: Yes it is. In fact Google offers various applications for these devices which perform effectively as well as mobiles capable of accessing Email.

Qus: For any reason if I want to contact you after you’ve configured my domain name to Google mail server then may I contact you?

Ans: Of course you can. That’s what GmailServiceHelp.com is come in to existence. We are always here for you and will feel glad to assist you.

Qus: There is buzz that by the means of Google Apps the ranking of my website will increase on Google. Is that really happen?

Ans: We accurately can’t say anything about this. But you will still need to have at least one standard Gmail address in order to use any of Google’s incorporated services like Google Analytics, Google Drive, Google AdSense, Google Voice, Google Network Affiliate Programs, Google groups and more. We highly advised using Google apps as it let you to operate your domain name as a part of your email account.