Call Phones, Hangouts or Video chat on Windows 8

Plugins use by web browsers is not supported by Windows 8-style UI. Therefore Gmail features that use Hangouts plugins namely Gmail Call Phone, Google+ Hangouts and computer-to computer voice and video chat will not work in Windows 8-Style User Interface.

Nevertheless, you can switch to Desktop mode from Windows 8-style UI for using these Call Phone, Voice and Video and Hangouts.

Hangouts plugin can be downloaded from

Gmail Call Phone

Gmail is also offering the facility of connecting with friends and family via phone call through mobile and landline number.

To enjoy the benefit of these features it is required to be logged in to Gmail chat. Plug-in of voice and video chat must also be installed in your device.

To call a specific person or contact, all you need to do is to press Call phone icon which is located above Chat list. Clicking on call phone icon will open a Call window.

Computer-to computer voice and video chat window 8