Chatting History

Only Gmail users can get Chat history benefits.

Whenever you chat via Gmail chatting or Gtalk or downloaded client chats, all your chat conversations are saved in Gmail account that can be searched later on whenever you need it.

How to access history of your chat:

1. After logging in to your Gmail account, Click on Chats label.

2. Sometime Chats label is not visible in inbox, in that case go to Settings option to make it visible. Under your Settings, click on Labels and select Show beside Chats. Now your Chats will be visible in your inbox.

3. Complete list of Gmail chat would be visible to you now in the same way as other conversations are shown in your inbox. These chats can also be labeled as star, important and can be send to trash.

How to access history of your chat:

These chat histories can also be replied as normal maill, forward to other person, applied labels and can be print. On chat history’s top right corner click on drop-down arrow to view available options. Now you can select to do whatever you want to do.

How to find out Chats:

1. On top of your Gmail page, choose the search bar.

2. Write down the word you want to find. As an e.g., if you are searching for Italian restaurant name that was sent by your friend in a chat, you can find it by typing "Italian restaurant" in search bar.

3. All the chat conversations will be shown to you which are matching the email conversations. Chats can be easily distinguished from normal mail as they are labeled with label Chats and chat icon is also marked to them. Although Gtalk and Google Chat history settings allow its users to take a particular chat off the record, but it is not possible to turn off all the chat history of all your contacts.

Learn how to go off the record:

Gmail user can take their chat off record if they don’t want their chat history to be saved with the chat participant. Gmail provides the facility of chatting off the record wherein your chat history is not saved in your as well as in your Gmail contact. Both the person (you and the person at another chat end) will be notified about off record chat and will also be notified for is the off record chat feature will be disable. This setting will be applicable to that particular person only whose chat is taken off the record. This off the record setting will be in effect whenever you will chat to that particular person, till the time any of the two people make any change.

How to set off the record chatting in Gmail:

1. First of all open chat window.

2. Above Chat window there is an option More, click on it.

3. Now choose Go off the record.

You can change the setting by selecting Stop chatting off the record under More option in chat window at any point of time.

One more thing need to be remembered that if you are chatting with someone who is using third-party chat client, there is a possibility that software of that person is keeping your chat history saved in a separate place.

For any kind of query Gmail Customer support service is also readily available to listen to user’s query and serve with excellence.

How to leave out chats from Gmail filters:

One can also prevent chats from being filtered by Gmail filter. This can be done by ticking the option "Don't include chats" available in drop-down list beside search options that can be opened by clicking on drop down box at right side of the search box. This can also be done by pressing the gear icon and choosing "Settings". Under settings you can choose "Filters" and then select "Edit" to edit the filter.

How to leave out chats from Gmail filters