Gmail contacts integration with profiles

If your contact has Google profile, then it will help to keep your contact entries up to date and also update the profile information automatically seem in your contact manager including email addresses, phone numbers and much more.

Find information from contacts you cared about most

With the help of Google connected profiles you can see the additional information about your contacts. This sort of information can drive from one of two sources:

1. If your contacts have Google profile, connected with any other email address, including profile link you have kept in that contact’s entry or an alternate email address of that contact, you’ll get the information from their profile under the information you’ve mentioned. If the information of that contacts change in future, you’ll receive those updates automatically. Only possible if the information of contact has made public, or you have the permission to see, then it will be visible to you.

2. Only for Google Apps users: numerous Google apps domain managers make profile information for their multiple users, with information like phone numbers, job description, name, and office location. You’ll only see these details when you look at contact entry for some person in your Google Apps domain and this information will be only shared within domain.

You can’t edit or modify the data that appears from profiles, and it is not possible to overwrite any information that you’ve entered yourself. The reason is these profiles are come from Google profile connected with contact’s email address, altering the address for your contact will delete the information from your contact manager.

By default, the details that come from contact’s profile will show in a separate field underneath the information you entered yourself. You can select to merge these details together by hitting the view switcher buttons upper right side of contact entry. Although this profile information doesn’t synchronize with mobile devices, but there are some ways to access it from several devices.

Google+ users:

You will become able to find the profile information for any contacts in your circles by installing Google+ mobile app or by navigate to the Google+ mobile web app.

Google apps users having Android devices:

If you own an android 4.0 device, make the use of people app in order to search anyone in your directory and see their profile info. For the previous versions of android, try Google apps lookup app to see the profile of someone in your company directory. For help with setting it up call your domain manager.

Google apps users:

If you are having a smart phone that has the capability to connect to a company directory, call your domain manager for aid setting up this feature.In case you desired to synchronize any particular type of data on your mobile device, you can print it from the profile segment into one of the changeable fields in the contact entry. It will start sync to your device along with the rest of the contact information that you’ve provided yourself.

Sharing effortlessly information about yourself:

If you have Google+ profile, you can easily share photos and other media attachments with single click. The details from that profile will also show in the contact managers of other Gmail users who already have your profile link, alternate email address or your main email id. The information will be given by you can be viewable only to the circles that you select to share with. In order to check your profile’s settings, just click on your email address or name at the upper right of Gmail and choose profile.

Here on that page you will see the option of edit your profile. You can entered or update the details that you’d need to change and for the each section, you’ll be given the choice to select the contacts to whom you’d wish to share that info.

Your email id would always be used to search your profile. But, sharing your profile information does not share your email address. Any person who only knows your profile’s URL and doesn’t possess your email address in their contacts will only able to see the profile info you’ve selected to share with them or publicly, not your main email address.