Gmail contacts are not showing automatically on apple devices

This information is helpful for you if you’ve get to your Gmail account using web browser on your iPad or iPhone.

If you want to compose your email addresses auto completed while typing on your apple devices, you should first need to deliver Gmail access to your contacts device.

Learn some basics to give the Gmail access to your email addresses:

1. Go to compose icon in Gmail app. The icon for compose is=
2. Go to the “+” icon in the field of “To”.
3. Now choose the option of “ Select from phone contacts”. Here you’ll see message, “Gmail would like to access your contacts”
4. Go to “OK”

By selecting ok, you’ll permit Gmail to autocomplete contacts from your apple device when you are typing messages. You will also become able to add recipients from your address book. You can change your privacy settings in iOS setting after seeing the prompt. For this you first need to go settings, then privacy option available in settings and then go to contacts.