Gmail Features of Multiple Call and Call Hold

Call Hold Feature:

While using Call phone feature of Gmail, call can be put on hold. Also in System to system voice and video chat, call can be placed on hold. The Gmail feature of Call hold allows you to freeze voice feed and video feed so that the receiver is unable to see or hear you. You also won’t be able to see or hear the other person while placing call on hold.

You only need to press button to put call on hold. This button is available in Chat mole. To unhold the call you can click Resume button.

Multiple Calls features:

Gmail also allow you to call or receive more than one System to system voice and video chat or voice calls. For this you only need to start a new Voice chat, Voice call or Video chat under new Chat mole. You current call will be set on hold.

When you are attending multiple System to system voice and video chat or voice calls you can only talk with one person at a time in active call and at that time other calls will be placed on hold. By pressing the resume button caller can switch among multiple calls this resume option is available in Chat mole.

3. At one time you can do only 2 outgoing calls through call phone feature to other phones.

To make phone call:

Gmail offers multiple benefits to its users to explore worldwide services. Besides providing voice and video chat facility, Gmail is also offering the facility of connecting with friends and family via phone call through mobile and landline number.

To enjoy the benefit of these features it is required to be logged in to Gmail chat. Plug-in of voice and video chat must also be installed in your device.

To call a specific person or contact, all you need to do is to press Call phone icon which is located above Chat list. Clicking on call phone icon will open a Call window.

Besides dialing a number via call window, you can also use this Call window for adding credits and checking call history.

To add credits: If you wish to add some credit for making phone calls via Gmail, you can follow given procedure:

1. Click the option Call phone under chat list.

2. Click on credit balance option on extreme right side of the Call window.

3. Now click on add credit option.

4. Under the window that appears, click on Add $10 credit option to add credit.

5. Now you can add credit through Google Wallet.