Google Group Chat

Google chat also allows you to chat with multiple people at once. No limit is set for the number of contacts with whom you can chat or other person can invite you on chat. You can follow given steps for doing group chat on Gmail:

1. Initialize a chat with any of your Gmail contact of your Chat list.

2. While you are chatting with a particular person, click on the icon of the person which is available at the top of chat box.

3. There is a field named 'Add people to this chat' where you can enter contact name of the person whom you wish to add in your group chat.

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If you wish to leave the group chat you were included in, you can click ‘X’ icon available at extreme corner of chat box. People available in group chat will receive a notification that group conversation is left by you. For rejoining the chat you are required to be again invited by any of our friend who is there in ongoing group chat. Group chat can continue till the time all the participants left the conversation. For further clarification you can get in touch with customer service of Gmail.

Group Chat for Gmail Users:

Gmail users who wish to initiate a group chat with contact group with whom you are recently communicating by an email thread then you can do it by clicking on double chat bubble icon available beside contact on Gmail page’s right hand. A Chat lobby will be opened by it where you can check available contacts for group chat. You can choose the participants you wish to add or remove. Unless you will not send any text, the group chat will not start in real time.

We hope the information would be quite helpful and useful for you. If you still find any kind of difficulty in using the service you can call on Google customer support number for Gmail Help and assistance.

Note: Google Group chat facility is not available for older Gmail versions. It is required to upgrade your web browser to enjoy benefits of new Gmail features.