Necessity of Authentication icon for Authentic Sender

Spammers keep on trying to sends a message that would look like that are sent by an authentic website or computer. Gmail understand this concern of customers and that’s why they have added an external level of protection into Gmail i.e. Authentication icon. After enabling this additional security measures you’ll be able to view a key icon next to authenticated messages from trusted senders. It will help you to analyze whether that particular message is sent by a trusted user or not.

Process of enabling this tab

1. Open the Gmail.
2. Click the gear icon available @the top right and choose Settings.
3. Next Click the
4. Go to the "Authentication icon for verified senders" lab and choose the Enable radio button.
5. Click the Save Changes available at the bottom of the page.

What kind of benefits I will get by enabling this icon?

By enabling this button you’ll be able to know whether you’re getting messages from authorized sender or not.

2. Click on the More that displayed at the left hand side of your mail Gmail

What I need to do in case I receive message from authorized sender but it doesn’t have the icon?

Please be careful it may be scams whose aim is to gather the important information. Verify properly before opening the same.

How we can check a particular message should have an authentication icon?

Check out the domain whether it has a DMARC reject record published. You can check this by using DMARC inspector tool. Being eligible for this tool domain should have “p=reject” in the record.