Gmail Phone Call Receiving Procedure

Along with providing the facility of calling any phone number via Gmail, Google also provide the facility of receive calls while using Google Voice account. For the existing users who have pre-existing Google Voice account, similar Gmail account username must be used for receiving the calls. Those who are not Google Voice users yet and residing in USA can also upgrade their Gmail Account for free for receiving Gmail phone call.

For receiving Gmail calls:

1. You are required to make minimum one outbound call through your Gmail.
2. Under gear icon go to Settings in Google Voice.
3. Beside Google Chat select the check box in Phones tab.

You can click Edit button for editing settings for forwarding phone call. You can disable Gmail as a forwarding phone simply by unchecking the box next to Google Chat.

While receiving call on Gmail you will get a call window with a ringtone to alert you. At times sound of ringtone is not audible which can be due to muted device sound so ensure sound is on. You only need to click Answer button for accepting the call. If you wish not to receive the call you can ignore it by pressing Ignore button.

Till the time, Non-US residents cannot receive Gmail phone call and can’t upgrade to full Google Voice account.

Screening of Call in Gmail:

In Gmail you can also click on screen button to screen receiving calls. It will allow you to later on listen voicemail left by caller. You can also answer the call in between screening by pressing the Answer button.

Gmail Phones Switching:

Moreover, Gmail also provide the facility of switching the ongoing call in the middle by switching Google Voice forwarding phone by clicking the * key. Say, you are talking with someone on Gmail call and in between you have pressed * then it will switch your Gmail call to cellular forwarding number and your cellular forwarding phone will ring for completing your Gmail call.

Gmail Phone Call Receiving Procedure