Reporting spam for Desktop

In case you are receiving spam for your desktop then follow below steps.

1. Pick the message you'd need to report.
2. Make a click on the “spam” button (Sign for it=) available in the toolbar over your message list.

(If you have opened that message, you can still report it as spam by means of the same button.)

Reporting spam for Android 4.0 and up

This information is only important for Gmail app for android version 4.0+
Although Gmail stops various spam from entering in your inbox, however if some unwanted
does reach your inbox, you can report that messages as spam by following below simple steps.
1. First of all open that message, or go to the icon of the message sender.
2. Now go to Menu- its icon is =
3. Touch the “Report spam”
​The more spam you checked, the superior Gmail will get at digging out those irritating messages.

Steps to view spam:

If you want to view the messages that Gmail has marked as spam messages, touch icon of Gmail i.e. and choose “spam”

In case you find message that haven’t marked as spam, open that message and touch the menu (its icon is = on your mobile menu’s button) and choose “report not

Reporting spam for Android 2.2-2.3

This information is useful for Gmail app for android version 2.2-2.3
Learn how to report a conversation as spam
You can easily report a conversation or message as spam following either of the steps below:

1. While reading your conversation’s messages simply go to the “Menu” button then touch “More” option and here press the “Report spam” icon.

2. Verify one or a list of conversations in your Gmail Inbox or other conversation list, go to “Menu” icon and then touch “Report spam”.

Once you report a conversation list as spam, the entire conversation and all consisting messages are eliminated from your Inbox. But, you can see the messages you’ve checked as spam by seeing messages with the “Spam” label.

If you face any difficulties in reporting a message as spam or in deleting spam messages from Inbox, you may contact with the Gmail help team by dialing toll free Gmail customer service helpline number.

If your contacts reports you sent spam/junk to their email address:

We are very anxious about such activities. In such circumstance get the full headers of the spam message from your Sent Mail box or from one of your Contacts, and inform it to our Gmail technical support. We'll surely inspect your report, but we're not capable to respond to individual cases. In scrupulous, we aren't able to supply you with details about attempted logins to your personal account including, but not restricted to, the IP address from which the trial login was made, and the time and date attempted logins happened.

In addition, please ensure that you have followed the steps at our security checklist to verify the security of your email account.