Video Window Size Adjustment

On starting a video call, Video window can be customized as per your requirement in the following ways:

You only need to press button to put call on hold. This button is available in Chat mole. To unhold the call you can click Resume

Video Window Resizing

1. On Chat window corner there is Pop-out link, you need to click on that.

2. You can drag the new window edges according to the size you require. Window can be again poo in by simply clicking Pop-in

Video Window in Full Screen

1. Move the cursor on the window of video chat.

2. On upper-left corner of video Chat window, click the icon of full screen.

The same full screen icon can be clicked to exit full screen when you are in full screen mode.

Your own video thumbnail can also be moved to another corner of video window if it is hindering the view of anything while using larger video window. For that you can click and drag your video thumbnail to another location of video window. Your own video thumbnail will remain located there for current video call session only.