Google Voice text messaging in email

As you are aware, you can get text messages (sent on Google number) on your Google voice inbox as well as mobile device. Along with that you can also receive these text messages on your email address as well. For this you need to enable Google Voice text messaging in email which will allow you too organize, search and manage emails as well as text messages.

Those text messages which are intended to deliver on Google number will be dropped to associated Google account email address on enabling Google Voice text messaging to email. Reply shall be sent in the form of text message on replying to these text messages to original sender.

How to enable Google Voice Text Messaging to email id which is associated with Google Account?

1. On page’s top, click on gear icon under which you need to select Setting and then Voicemail & Text tab.

2. Under 'Text Forwarding' section check the option of 'Forward text messages to my email:'

3. Now click the option Save Changes.

Text messages replies can be done only via email address on which original message was sent. Your text message would not be sent if you will try to forward the message which is received on Google account associated email address and will try to reply via another ID.