How to Sign in to Gmail

The process of Signing in with Gmail is very easy.

follow Process Gmail Sign In we have mentioned below:
1. First browse
2 Please enter your username and password in case it is not filled automatically. If you are interested in Signing in with different Gmail account then simple clicks Manage accounts on this device.

2. Now click on Sign in button.

Process of Signing in to Gmail Android Phone

Users are allowed to add multiple accounts in Gmail app without signing out from previously configured account. It allows you to add multiple accounts as per your requirement.

1. First select “Gmail” from the Home screen of your Android Phone device.

By default, you will already be logged into your Gmail account, however, you can continue to follow the steps below to log into an additional Gmail account.

Here is the process; please follow if you are an Android user:

• Go to the Accounts settings section.

• Simply touch Add account. Enter Google in type of account section.

• Now select Existing to sign in to an account you already have, The next thing you need to do is to type your complete email address.

Go through few further instructions and complete the process. Your Gmail app is ready to use. Enjoy! Enter your password and sign in by simply touching the right arrow. If you want to do 2-step verification then you will have to go through additional sign-in process after this.

Users are allowed to add maximum five accounts to Gmail app for iPhone and iPad. Here is the process mentioned; you may follow:

• You need to open the Gmail app first.
• Now touch the Menu icon i.e. .
• Next is touch your account address.
• Now touch Manage Accounts.
• Then touch on Add another account.
• Finally put your username and password.