How to Sign out with Gmail

It is necessary to Sign out with your Gmail in order to maintain your privacy as well as security. Otherwise your account may get hacked by someone and this may lead to loss of your important data. Here is the process you need to follow for signing out from your Gmail account:

• At first open your Gmail account.
• Now click on your account photo i.e.

It could be one of the simplest approaches you can follow,

Process of Signing out to Gmail app for Android

You are not allowed to Sign out from Gmail app in Android. The option you have is to remove your entire account.

Here is the process of removing account:

Keep in Mind: After removing your account, it will be permanently deleted from your Android device and you will be banned from signed in with any Google products such as You Tube or Maps. Still if you are interested then please go through the process mentioned below:

• Find your device’s setting menu.

• Go to the sections for Accounts.

• Find Remove account option over there and remove your specific account permanently from your device.

Process of Signing out to Gmail app for iPhone and iPad

Here you are allowed to sign out from your each account individually. After removing an account on a Google app you will be signed out from all Google app might be available on your device.

• You need to open the Gmail app first.
• Now touch the Menu icon i.e. .
• Now touch Manage Accounts.
• Then touch Edit.
• Finally choose the option “Remove”.