Methods to import Email and contacts

We can assume Gmail as the most trusted and reliable platform we have. It is rich in feature and outstanding in performance. This could be assumed as one of the factors that why people are consistently switching from other email provider to Gmail. If you are the one amongst those customers who are planning to switch from other email client to Gmail then no need to bother regarding your old but important emails and contacts as you can move your older emails and contacts to your newly created Gmail account by following very simple approach. 30 days of time will be given to you for intimating your friends or clients regarding your new email address.

Here we have mentioned the approach by following that you can easily move your older emails and contacts to your new Gmail account

1. First open Gmail.
2. Now click on gear icon i.e. available at the top right.
3. Now choose setting
4. Go to Accounts and Import tab available at the top.

 Go to Accounts and Import tab available at the top.

Sometime a user is unable to view this setting. This problem occurs because the administrator of your school or office is not allowing you to import any contact or email. Enter the complete info of your previous account and choose what you need to import.

1. Finally click on start import. After clicking on Start import button please see “Import mail and contacts” setting again. You can check where the importing process has started or not over there.

New messages will be automatically forwarded to your new email address for 30 days by default. In case you want to continue this process set auto-forwarding option in your old account. Please note all email providers don’t support auto-forwarding feature.

Method to find your imported emails and contacts

1. First you need to click on email address listed below the Inbox at the left side of your Gmail page.

2. If your older account supports folders set up then click the arrow i.e. to see them. Remember after switching to Gmail your folders has become labels now.

Process to email your contacts

1. At first click on compose button.
2. Now type the name of your contact in To field. Gmail also provide similar suggestion.
3. If you want to see the entire list of contacts then just click on Gmail present at upper left corner of Gmail and choose contacts.