Making calls via Gmail

Gmail provide the facility of calling any of your Gmail friends through your Gmail account. Call can be made to any of your contact listed in Google Chat list and in Gmail.

How to Make Call through Google Chat List?

While using Google chat, you will come to know about the availability of Gmail contacts through red, yellow or green circle flashing beside the names of Gmail contacts on the left hand side. In case of Gmail Hangouts use, you can see gray or green circle on person’s photo available at bottom right side.

Below are steps to connect a phone through Hangouts:

1. Sign in to Gmail account.

2. Under Gmail Chat list, press Call phone icon . One point need to take care is that in case of Hangouts, no Call phone icon will be visible. You will be required to switch to Hangouts for making a call.

3. You can use any of the keyboard’s number pad or your mouse for dialing the number of contact whom you wish to call. 4. Click on Call.

When Gmail users having Google Voice number will make a call, their number will be visible on caller ID of the recipient. A generic number will be shown to the recipient, if no Google Voice number has been set up by you.

How to Make Call through email?

One can also directly make a call through an email send or receive by you. Know the process:

1. On opening any email having phone number in text form, number would be visible in blue.
2. You can click on phone number available in email.
3. Now you can click on Call in the visible dial pad.