How to move email from another accounts to Gmail

Phone Number anytime. to Find out the best suited way of moving email from other accounts to Gmail amongst below mentioned methods. Mention methods are very simple to follow just follow it stepwise and fix this issue yourself.

Import old emails and contacts from other account

It is much easier process of switching from another email provider to Gmail as through this process you can easily and quickly import all your old emails and contacts into Gmail. The validity of imported mails is 30 days and during this period you can share your new address with your friends. In case you want to continue receiving new arrival mails from your old accounts then choose one of the options mentioned below.

Import old emails and get new emails from other account

This will be the finest option for you if you are looking to switch from a different Gmail address and interested in getting both old as well as new arrival emails. In this process Gmail will first import all your old messages and then continue to import new arrival messages. Here you have right to add 5 accounts.