How to do computer-to-computer voice or video call?

How to receive computer-to-computer voice or video call?

Google+ Hangouts voice calls and invites can be received in Chat from 1 computer system to other. For that you simply need to download Google voice and video call plugin and then login to Chat.

In case of not having Google+ account person can have access to limited service of Hangout wherein you can chat with only single person under limited hangout service. For hang out with more than 1 person and for accessing complete Hangouts’ features you need to upgrade to free Google+ account that will allow you to hang out with approx. 9 people at time, can share screen, use different Hangouts’ apps. Account can be upgraded at

A chat window would be visible and you will get an audio notification for call when any of your friends will call you under chat. You only need to press Answer button under chat window for answering voice call or need to click Join Hangout for accepting invite of hangout. In case you wish to ignore the call, you can click Ignore button.

You will also get the missed call alert if you have missed any of your calls. Notification will be visible on chat window stating who was trying to call you.

Even though you have set busy status your Gmail contacts can call you. You cannot take voice or video call along with normal text chatting

To do computer to computer voice and video chat:

You would be able to see a camera symbol next to the name of person you wish to chat with. If no camera is visible beside his/her name under Gmail chat list, he / she can be invited to download hangout plugin from More menu under chat window. One can have 1 way video chat or voice chat, even if other person doesn't have video camera.