Restore Gmail Contacts

Gmail lets you to restore all your contacts without selecting any particular contacts to restore. You can restore your contacts list in a very simple way to the previous state it was in at any point within the last 30 days. The process of restoration is supportive for the below situations:

• To recover contacts that are accidently deleted
• To restore contacts after a failed synchronization
• To Undo a current import
• To undo a current merge

Restore Gmail contacts to an earlier state

1. Sign in to Gmail account
2. Click “Gmail” dropdown appears in the top left side of Gmail page and select “contacts”
3. Hit to open “More” menu

Hit to open “More” menu

4. Choose “restore contacts” from the options that seem.
5. Select the time such as 10 minutes ago, one hour ago to which you’d like to restore your contacts.
6. Hit “Restore”

How to undo a restoration

1. In case you want to undo a restoration, you can directly undo it by making a click on “Undo” option available in the yellow notice bar at the upper side of screen

2. If that notification bar is no longer available there, you can always revert your contacts to the time just before you started the process of restoration

One day rule for chat contacts:

If you are using Gmail chat and you delete any contact from your contacts, it will automatically get deleted from your chat list. But Gmail chat will remembers that contact for another 24 hours. If you restore that contact during this time period, their information will be completely repaired if you add that contact again to your contacts list. But if you do not re-invite that contact within 24 hours, all information will be permanently deleted.