How to Turn off Chat in Gmail

If you don’t wish to chat with your friends and colleagues you can easily sign out of your Google chat. In addition Gmail also allow you to completely turn off your Gmail chat.

Steps to turn off Gmail Chat:

1. Firstly, click on gear icon available & select Settings under it.
2. Now click on the Chat tab available within it.
3. Select "Chat off" option under it.
4. Finally click on save changes for turning off Gmail Chat.

To again turn on chat simply click on ‘Chat on’ option. For more help connect with Gmail technical support service associates.
While using Chat service in Gmail you can choose the option "Chat off" to sign out of your Chat from the chat window. In case you are signed in to multiple chats at the same time, then you need to refresh every page to completely log out of Gmail chat.
While using Gmail Hangouts, if you select the option "Chat off" then it will log you out of Gmail only. You would not be logged out of Hangouts at other places such as Hangouts Chrome extension or Google+.
We are also here to resolve any kind of issue that you may encounter while signing out of Gmail Chat and other chat services.