What is Google Chat?

Google has provided a convenient way of communication by introducing Google chat service which allow you to send quick messages to your friends and family and also receive revert for the same. The communication done via Google Chat is done in real time where one can exchange emoticons and notes over the network using Gmail, Google+, GTalk and other Google properties and third party clients.

For enjoying the benefits of limitless services of Google chat the only thing that you need to have is just a Google Account (new Google account or an existing one). Once you login to your Google account you can start chatting with distant person using:

• Google +
• Gmail
• Third party client
• Google talk/ GTalk

It is mandatory to have a Google account to use GTalk and other Google related apps and services. Besides offering real time chat service, Google is also offering easy voice and video chat service which is also available for free. You only need to download free voice and video chat plug-in to do video and voice chatting with your friends and colleagues. No matter where the person is residing to whom you wish to talk, you can chat with any person at any corner of the world.

New Google user may find it hard to use video and audio calling feature of Gmail and other Google services. Those users can connect with Google/Gmail customer supports services to know the right procedure. It is also not necessary to have Google account at both the ends to chat with other person. If other network is supporting server-to-server federation, then you can also chat with person on other network. AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) supports such kind of service in Gmail. While using Gmail for chatting then by default all the chats are saved and can be searched.